Foods You Should Eat After LASIK Eye Surgery

We know that we can’t eat every kind of food in every type of medical situation so why not remind you the food that is best after having LASIK eye surgery (know more).

Here are some post-LASIK food:-

  • Veggies: When we are talking about something that is rich with vitamins and minerals nothing is better than vegetables. Veggies have those important nutrients that you need for healing. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot and potatoes include these veggies in your daily diet. These are healthy sources of carbohydrates. To fill your brain with energy and stop muscles from breaking down carbohydrates help you the most. In veggies you will get vitamin A and C. fiber in a diet high in vegetables to reduce constipation which is a side effect of pain medications.


  • Fat: avocados, nuts, coconut oil these food sources provide you long-lasting energy. They provide you healthy fat and you know that healthy fat is your friend when you have surgery. These foods help your body to absorb all the vitamins you are getting from veggies and fruits. You have to eat Almonds. It’s rich in vitamin E. It helps wounds heal faster and reduce the appearance of scars.


  • Bowl full of brightly coloured fruits: it is important to eat all the colours of nature. Fill a bowl with veggies and coloured fruits and give your body a good dose of vitamin A, C, Fibre, carbohydrates and the calories that can help you to bounce back, constipation is very discomfort and worst after surgery and to avoid that fibre is essential. So, make a list and give them to your friends to buy for you! Apples, melon, berries, oranges, grapefruit and papaya. These fruits are light on the stomach and help you to heal fast.


  • Leafy green:– leafy green may not be as popular as colourful barriers. But it is so important for healing faster because dark leafy greens are rich in vitamin A, C and E,K which is essential  for blood clotting. Spinach, mustard greens, kale etc. are rich with fibre, and help you to absorb the B-complex vitamins which help with energy levels. So don’t forget to eat green leafy.


  • Whole grains:– eating enough whole grain after the surgery give your body carbohydrates that can stop your muscles from breakdown. Whole grains also give you fibre in a rich amount. In the right kind of carbs brings you energy levels up. You should include whole wheat, wild rice and oats in your diet. This will provide you healthy fats, minerals and vitamins. 

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